Sparkle prides itself on family values. Cleanliness, honesty, quality, and responsibility.

To that end, we only employ the most qualified people. Sparkle SuperMaids are all trained, thoroughly-vetted, and experienced. We've all passed background screenings, and personally embody our beliefs in openness and cleanliness.

What We Do for you

  • We constantly research the best products and techniques to use for the most effective cleaning.
  • Because we care about your health, we try to use the most cost-effective and organic materials available to us.
  • Our customer service is excellent and we are committed to making you happy.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We work hard at simplifying your experience: minimizing the effort it takes to order the service.
  • Our prices are flat and simple - no surprises!
  • We show up on time.  Every time.
  • We are licensed.
  • We provide an outstanding quality of move-out and move-in cleaning in St. Louis (city and county) and Southern Illinois.