Residential Pricing

Keep in mind that all prices listed are estimates, and subject to slight variances.


Studio: $59

Bedrooms: $14-19 each

Bathroom: $14-19 each

Kitchen: $14

Living Room: $14

Dining Room: $14

Laundry Area: $14


larger homes (more than 2000 sq.ft.)

Four bedroom home - $199

Five bedroom home - $219

Regardless of the number of bedrooms:

3,000 sq. ft. or more - $249

4,000 sq. ft. or more - $349

5,000 sq. ft. or more - $449

6,000 sq. ft. or more - $549



Interior Windows: $49

Refrigerator: $10

Deep-Cleaning (entire home): $50/500sq.ft.

Deep-Cleaning Blinds (dusting is included in normal cleaning): $39

Oven: $9

Patios: $49/patio

Deep-Cleaning Walls: $49


We offer an hourly rate of $25/hr with 2 hour minimum.

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